HR Alerting System

Software that manages all your Human Resource, their information, ID documents, etc in a single place and sends realtime alerts via sms and email if any of the documents are expiring recently. Very usefull for the HR department in companies mainly in Middle East Countries.

School Management System

A unique solution for schools, colleges and it has the power to take off your institution to the next level with a wide variety of features ranging student management, subjects, departments, exams, grade sheets,multiple reports, etc.

Simple Invoicing System

As it sounds, its a simple invoicing system that can manage your bills online with products, customers, estimates, invoices ad recurring invoices. It's simple because getting paid should be hassle-free. It can also easily manage your invoices, add or edit items to your invoice, print it or send it your customers via email.


iBonus System, the GenX loyalty system with a prepaid subsystem, is based on the award-winning technology of distributed offline NFC contactless smart card / Smartphone as Emulated Card HCE/BLE Technology

Our Clients

We treat all of our clients in a friendly and professional way and some of the clients who had interest in us were once our potential client and now they are just a part of us and we are made up of by our valuable client. Some of them who we had business with are